First transnational meeting in Baden

From the 2nd to the 5th of November the coordinators of Drama for Youth Work will get together in Baden (Austria) for the first transnational meeting of the project. The partners involved in this meeting will be Crooked House (Ireland), BiondekBühne (Austria) and ON&OFF (Spain).

Drama for Youth Work is a project funded under the Key Action 2 of the Erasmus+ programme that aims at creating tools so that youth workers can use drama exercises in their daily work to discuss about social inclusion.

In Drama for Youth Work three partner organisations from three different countries will work together for over 2 years to create 44 short films demonstrating how to use particular drama techniques with a range of groups, to produce a comprehensive handbook/manual that describes how to integrate drama techniques with group work on socially inclusive themes and to tailor the films and handbook to meet the needs of youth workers by arranging the material into searchable categories.

During this first transnational meeting the partners will plan the next steps of the project, allocate tasks and prepare media and visibility strategies.

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