Training Course in Ireland (Nov ’19)

For this encounter (from the 28/10/2019 until the 3/11/2019) of the KA2 project Drama for Youth Work the three partner organizations along with local youth workers from each partner country came together in Newbridge, Co. Kildare, Ireland for a week-long training course and evaluation of the activities of Drama for Youth Work. Day 1 of the encounter, all the participants met each other and went for dinner in a local restaurant in Newbridge. The next day is when we began the work! Each local youth worker was given time to prepare themselves with some of the video tutorials in order to facilitate the workshop to the rest of the participants. All of the writers were present to watch how their activities were interpreted in order to know what information their activities were lacking, what ways could they make the written material clearer and in how many ways the activities can be varied.

The training course coincided with Halloween, therefore on the 31stit was decided to make a cultural trip to Dublin where the participants were able to enjoy Irish culture and music. After the cultural visit, the decision makers of the project met back together to make the final decisions on the layout of the handbook, after some intense conversations on font and colour scheme, we called it a day and packed up to go home, happy to see each other again.


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