This is the fourth activity on human rights. This activity can be used as an immersion on the topic after the warming-up. You can find more activities on human rights here.



30 minutes


4 or more


  • Optional paper and color pencils
  • Musical instruments may be used optionally


Prepare a possibility for the participants to look at the universal declaration of human rights, e.g. on a beamer, screen or printed out. You can find a simplified version of the universal declaration of human rights here:


The ‘issue’ referred to in the title of this activity will be a human right. Participants will think about many of the human rights again and may even create a new one.


  • Further reflecting purpose and necessity of the human rights
  • Personal involvement in human rights
  • Developing a deeper understanding of human rights through analysing the details of the concept


Participants make small groups of 3–6.
Ask each group to produce a television advert for a chosen human right. They can also come up with a new thing that, in their opinion, should be a human right!
The groups have 20 minutes to create a scene depicting an advertisement which will present some important points about the issue to the audience.
Explain that the advert can use humour and can also include a jingle, music or slogan. 

Each group presents their advertisement.
Ask participants to list all the important points that are talked about in the adverts and to add any information, views or aspects of the issue that they feel have been left out.


  • Did this exercise reveal new insights of whether there are any human rights missing or not?
  • Do you have the feeling that there’s a central point or a general meaning of human rights? Can you express it?
  • Why did or didn’t you use the possibility to swap places?