This is the third activity on interculturality. This activity can be used as an immersion on the topic after the warming-up. You can find more activities on interculturality here.



Between 6 and 16 participants.



Print one survey for each of the participants.


  • Become aware of the communication codes used by each individual
  • Share our own communication codes and experience the different codes inside a culture or between cultures
  • Analise non-verbal communication elements in the different cultures and how they affect communication.


The participants will fill out a survey handed out by the facilitator. The room will be divided into 2 sides, the YES and the NO, in opposite sides of the room. The facilitator will then read the first statement of the survey and the participants will place themselves according to what they have written in their own survey, in the yes or no side. One participant from each of the sides will go to the middle of the class and improvise a situation proposed by the facilitator exaggerating the characteristic of the survey. We will repeat this process with each of the statements.


Questions for reflection:

  1. What consequences in social relations does having one or the opposite characteristic have?
  2. How do we feel when we don’t succeed in making ourselves understood?