This is the fifth activity on devising. This activity can be used as an immersion on the topic. You can find more activities on devising here.



60 minutes


16 participants.


Props may be used.


A circle is formed and the topic of gestures is raised. The group are
asked to bring up some of the common gestures they see in
society. Gestures that are associated to certain activities or events
such as rituals and ceremonies are discussed. Participants are
asked to symbolize things such as power and authority through a
single gesture. For this activity, gestures that help people express
themselves should be focused on. These gestures will often be an
insight to a character’s emotions. Each participant should come up
with a gesture, something that they use everyday.


To create 15 scenes that are linked through characters and settings.


The group is broken up into pairs. The pairs are asked to devise a
one minute scene in which they perform their selected gesture.
When the gesture is performed it should be subtle, and the scene
must contain dialogue embedded in reality. The scenes are
performed. Pairs are now grouped with another pair. They must now
perform a new scene which links the previous two scenes the pairs
performed. After this scene is performed, the groups of 4 are paired
together to create two groups of 8. Again, they are asked to devise a
one minute scene that links the previous two scenes. Finally, once
the scenes are shown, the two groups of 8 join together to form a
single group of 16. They now create and perform a scene that links
the two previous scenes.


Reflection can be short for this activity as the focus is on the
devising of scenes. The facilitator should ask the group how they felt
collaborating with new performers as they developed their scenes
and whether they felt their scene was still evident in the final