This is the first activity on freedom produced by the Drama for Youth Work project. This activity can be used as a warming up. You can find more activities on freedom here.



10 to 15 minutes


At least 5


One chair per person


Everyone takes a chair and sits in a circle. The following instructions
are told to the group:
Move – means everyone must move one chair to the right.
Move Movemeans everyone must move one chair to the left.
Move Move Moveeveryone must move two chairs to the right. Move
move Move Moveeveryone must move two chairs to the left. Move
move move Move Moveeveryone must find a random chair across
the space.


To warm up physically and mentally. To demonstrate different types
of leaning. To learn about losing control and committing to action.
To give participants a chance to experience being the centre of


The facilitator calls out one of the instructions. The participants
respond as quickly as they can. This is done 2 or 3 more times. A
short reflection follows. Afterwards, a chair is removed and the
facilitator stands in the centre of the circle. The facilitator calls out an
instruction and attempts to occupy a chair as everyone moves. If
they are successful, whoever is without a chair must now stand in
the centre and do the same. This is repeated until everyone gets a
turn in the middle.


After initially trying to respond to the instructions, the facilitator asks
the group what method they used to complete the task and how
they applied this method. Some may say that they followed the rest
of the group. This is one type of learning. Some others may say that
they used a system, like odd numbers to the right, even numbers to
the left. This is another type of leaning. (The creation of patterns). The
facilitator should ask how the participants felt being in the centre of
the circle.