This is the second activity on diversability. This activity can be used as an immersion on the topic after the warming-up. You can find more activities on diversability here.



30 minutes


Between 9 and 16 participants.


  • Newspaper sheets
  • sticks (similar to broom sticks, but somewhat shorter)
  • Bands to cover the eyes
  • Earplugs
  • Sticking plaster
  • Cling film


The facilitator will separate the large group into small groups of 4 people.

Within that small group, each participant will be assigned a role:

1- Physical handicap: a stick will be taped to each leg.

2- Visual handicap: their eyes are covered with a band.

3- Hearing impaired: earplugs will be placed in their ears.

4- Intellectual disability: their mouth will be covered with adhesive tape and they should communicate with gestures or noises.


The idea of this activity is to show the participants how having diverse abilities can affect so many simple aspects of your life. The competition of racing while working without all of the senses and abilities that you normally have, is very frustrating but you still have to go on with the game.


  • Experience the frustration you feel when your own limitations do not allow you to move forward as you would like.
  • Put into play our skills and our limits to include them in the exercise so that we can achieve our goal.
  • Experience working in inclusive teams.


All groups are placed on one side of the classroom in an Indian row, separating one participant from another in the same group  one meter away.

The facilitator will hand a newspaper sheet to each participant and invite them to stand on top of the newspaper sheet.

The facilitator will explain the objective of the game: they must reach the opposite side of the classroom as a team, participating equally.

The last participant in each row will try to reach the beginning by stepping on the newspaper sheets of their classmates, while carrying theirs in their hands to gradually move forward.

The group that arrives first on the other side wins by complying with the rules and having facilitated everyone’s participation equally.


  • How have you felt about your limitations?
  • What have you felt about the limitations of others?