This is the fourth activity on gender. This activity can be used as an immersion on the topic after the warming-up. You can find more activities on gender here.



25 minutes


Does not matter.


A poem. The poem used in the instructional video was ‘A Work of
Artifice’ by Marge Piercy.


The participants are split into two or more groups. Each group is
handed a copy of the poem. Any terms the participants are
unfamiliar with are explained by the facilitator.


The groups are asked to make an image or a series of images
inspired by a line in the poem. They spend 10 minutes discussing
elements of the poem and building images. They are asked to create
the image(s) based on some aspect of their lives today. They then
perform the images in front of the other groups.


The reflective discussion should be around the impact of gender
roles and stereotypes on their lives today.